Here's what our clients are saying about us...

"I wanted to tell you that I received a text from one of the mom's who said her daughter declared this "the best party she has ever been to" and that her younger sister loved the leftover sushi and wants her big sister to make it for her soon. I got a kick out of that as I thought you might, too. Our friends definitely enjoyed themselves. Thanks for putting on such a great party with great favors. Very much worth the expense!!" - Mom of birthday girl, age 10

"Thank you so much for hosting such a lovely party for my daughter! She and her friends had so much fun! I especially loved it when she rated the homemade pasta a 10 out of 10! Believe me, in all her 7 years I have never received such a rating on any of my food (unless it's dessert, of course). I wanted to be sure you knew how much that comment really means! :)
I will highly recommend Chow Bella to my friends in the future and I'm certain my Girl Scout troop will be finding their way over there soon! " Mom of birthday child, age 7

"I want to sign the girls up for a cooking camp session or two this summer. Thank you for creating a wonderful cooking birthday party for them. They loved it and are stilltalking about it" Mother of twins, age 8

"My eight year old son and five year old daughter have taken "Cooking Camp" sessions at Chow Bella and really loved it! My daughter also had a "Pizza Cooking Party" at our house and the guests (12, five year old's) had a blast! Elaine took care of all the party details from food to favors as well as balloons and a special gift for the party girl. All I had to do was send out invitations and great the guests. My kids can't wait for another party or cooking class" Parent

"We had our daughter's Fourth birthday party. It was so much fun and my daughter and her friends completely enjoyed themselves. Elaine did an excellent job in organizing the pizza party and then helped the kids decorate cup cakes. It was such a joy to watch the kids engage in cooking with their chef hats and aprons and a proud moment when they ate their slice." Parent of birthday child"Thanks for following up! The party was great...we had a great time as did all our friends. Everyone was such a great help. I am sure you heard we had a few last minute guests and she was so helpful accommodating us. "

"Thanks for an awesome party! Everyone had a great time and of course, the weather helped. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a few calls from some of today’s guests!" Mom of birthday girl, age 12

"My daughter is so sad to be missing camp because she has been absolutely loving it. She asked me the other day if she gets to go every day for the rest of the summer!" - Parent, age 8